Thursday, February 27, 2014

Facts about Getting Hired through Job Placement Agencies in Dallas

If you sometimes feel like companies just don’t notice your resume and job application – don’t worry too much about it. The simple fact is that many of your prospective employers don’t really have the luxury of time to screen through every application that comes their way. Nevertheless, there is one way for you to beat this system and give yourself that much needed push – have yourself listed with job placement agencies in Dallas.

The Temp Job Myth

The main problem that many people have about working with a staffing agency is that they think all they’ll be getting are temporary employment opportunities. The truth is, many agencies like Epiphany Staffing Group provide several permanent job assignments. As long as you’re efficient and trustworthy enough for a permanent position, there’s always an opportunity for you to acquire a stable and lasting place in a good company.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Lowdown on Staffing Agencies in Dallas, TX: Why You Might Need One

Basic Job Training

A reputable staffing agency in Dallas, TX even offers basic job training in specific skill sets to its pool of prospective employees. This means that the people you’ll be hiring out of the agency will already have enough competency to do their job well without you having to shell out for their training.

So, is working with a staffing agency the right move for your business? Well, it could be, especially if you consider how quickly and efficiently you’ll be able to hire temporary or permanent employees with minimal effort.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Backup Plan: Taking Advantage of Handy Staffing Services in Dallas, TX

While the rising hiring trend is certainly good news to businesses and jobseekers alike, many companies still need to exercise caution in staffing up. Hopefully, the growth of businesses will be sustained within the next few years, but in a company where some degree of uncertainly still lingers, it may be best to hire temp employees as additional manpower. Reputable staffing services in Dallas, TX such as Epiphany Staffing Group can supply companies with the supplementary workforce they urgently need.

Contingency staffing is also a viable solution to meet pressing manpower demands, without the long-term expense of hiring full-time employees. This works best for seasonal or by-project needs. Contingency staffing also eases employer duties on the part of businesses, as the Dallas staffing services provider handles the administrative functions over a contingency staff, including payroll and benefits.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Reliable Temp Services in Dallas, TX Can Help Businesses in a Pinch

Economic nosedives can be game changers in a negative way. When they happen, industries often find the need to downsize as a means to survive. The resulting layoffs can not only further strain a business’ finances, but can also create legal and emotional stress on those affected. To avoid having to go through such an exercise, companies can opt to hire employees for temporary posts through reliable temp services in Dallas, TX.

Some might feel skeptical about hiring temps, as they do not have a direct hand in screening the employees. However, the main advantage of having a temp agency help out is that it’s a very quick way to secure additional office hands for lower costs, compared to hiring individuals directly. Also, there’s very little loss to businesses should they decide to cut back on the number of employees. To ensure the quality of temps, it is best to go with replete temporary employment agencies in Dallas such as Epiphany Staffing Group, who have proven track records in the industry.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

How Job Placement Agencies in Dallas Help Jobseekers and Employers

Job seekers are among those that benefit the most from reputable job placement agencies in Dallas and elsewhere. As they land the job they like and are truly good at, they get a bigger chance of staying longer and building a career in the company where they are placed. According to, employees who opt for a job related to their passion tend to work more productively and come up with bright ideas.

On the other hand, employers benefit from reliable Dallas job placement agencies by getting a better chance of employing people with the right skills for their requirements. Furthermore, by using the services of professional agencies, employers can save on time and resources that would otherwise go to recruitment procedures like screening and testing a large number of applicants.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Why Employers Need the Assistance of Staffing Agencies in Dallas, TX

Given all these needs to build an in-house staffing program, the more economical solution may be working with seasoned staffing agencies in Dallas, TX. As Mayhew says, going this route can not only result in cost savings, but give employers the chance of tapping into a staffing agency’s broad network and expert recruitment services.

The growth of a business greatly depends on the quality of its management. Managers can’t lose focus because they have to devote their time to scrutinizing resumes and interviewing applicants. Getting the services of one of the reliable Dallas staffing agencies is an investment that can be well worth its returns.